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      Summer Haircare Facts vs. Myths

      Summer Haircare Facts vs. Myths

      Take a look at this video from plastic surgeon and hair-loss specialist Dr. Michael Wolfeld on TODAY as he breaks down myths and facts about caring for heads during the summer heat.


      Some of the highlights:

      1) Make sure you're putting sunscreen ON your scalp, not just on your face and body.

      2) Wash your hair before AND after swimming.  Washing your hair before swimming helps prevent chlorine from penetrating the hair.  Washing your hair after swimming helps rinse chlorine out of your hair. SoCozy’s Swim 3-in-1 is sulfate/paraben-free, and contains ingredients like Activated Charcoal, Jojoba Oil, Coffee Seed Extract that gently removes green tones and restores moisture for soft, silky hair. Use a small dime-size amount and gently massage through wet hair — no need to repeat!

      3) Your hair grows FASTER in the summer, so trim your hair more frequently to take care of split ends.

      4) As your hair gets lighter in the summer, your hair is more prone to damage from the sun. 


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        DECEMBER 06, 2015 Daniel Schultz, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Gotham Ventures and Cozy Friedman Founder of SoCozy Salon Formulas for Kids and Cozy’s Cuts For Kids Salons, answer viewer questions about getting access to funding and tasking different responsibilities.

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