Photo Credit: iwishiwasa

Every little boy is completely unique, so why aren’t their hairstyles? Hair is such a unique and easy form of self-expression, it’s time to help our boys move beyond buzz cuts and find a look that shows off their individuality. Here are some pointers for finding the right haircut for your little mister:

  • Look books, magazines, and our Pinterest page are a good place to find inspiration for great boys haircuts. Draw inspiration from his favorite celebrities, sports figures, or even book characters. Try to find a few options that he likes, looks that seem to have a similar hair type and texture to his. He may need a nudge from you to think outside the box. Try something like, “What do you think about cutting your hair like this?” Or, “I bet this hairstyle would look good on you. What do you think?”
  • Remind him (and maybe yourself) that no haircut or hairstyle is permanent—hair is always growing! This can make it easier to try out a new style.
  • Think about his daily activities and choose a hairstyle that is compatible.  If he plays a sport with a helmet, consider a shorter haircut during the season and a longer haircut in the off-season.
  • When you schedule a haircut, take a few minutes with the hair stylist to discuss different options before cutting. She has a lot of experience with all different types of hair and can help you choose a look you’ll love and that's trendy.
  • If you’ve been wrestling cowlicks on your little guy’s crown, consider a longer hairstyle. Cowlicks are often less noticeable and easier to tame when hair has some length, allowing strands more weight to naturally fall down instead of stick up.
  • Curly, frizzy, bushy or matted hair is often the result of under-conditioning. What you thought was uncontrollable hair is probably just dry hair. A good conditioner at bath time and a spray leave-in conditioner will make all the difference.
  • Just like girls, boys hair can be styled lots of different ways, so have fun and experiment. Teach your son about different styling products and try out some spikes and faux hawks and textured looks until he finds a few favorites he can rotate.

More than anything, it’s important to empower boys to come up with their own unique look and self-expression when it comes to their hairstyle. Because nothing is cooler than a boy being himself!