Lice Dos and donts for Summer Camp

Nothing ruins summer camp like lice. Some simple DOs and DON’Ts at summer camp will keep lice at bay:

  • DON’T wash hair every day. Buildup of natural oils on the hair shaft makes it harder for lice to attach.
  • DON’T share hairbrushes, combs, hats, or pillows and headphones. This is how lice are most easily spread.
  • DO use BOO! Lice Prevention Spray daily on pillows, bedding, and around the neck and ears. It’s safe, natural and effective on clothing and skin.
  • DO wash hair every 2-3 days with BOO! Lice Prevention Shampoo. The tea tree oil is a natural, effective way to keep lice at bay. (Plus, it smells great too!)
  • DO immediately wash all bedding, pillowcases and clothing after camp and give them a tumble in a hot dryer or direct sun to prevent any hitchhiking lice from infesting your house.