Ready for a re-fresh on your kiddos school supplies? Next time you're at Target - check out Yoobi. Not only are their school supplies eye catching and affordable -- Yoobi also does a tremendous amount of good for kids across the country.

You Buy, Yoobi Gives
Yoobi, pronounced “you-be”, means "one for you, one for me."
For every Yoobi item purchased, they automatically donate an item to a classroom in need, right here in the U.S. It's like we always say, it's #soeasy to do good and this is a total no brainer.

Photo By: Yoobi

The Impact. Yoobi was able to make a difference in the lives of 2 million kids in 2016 – talk about amazing. Here at SoCozy, we were able to donate nearly 4,000 items to kids in need. During our #GoBackGiveBig campaign this back to school season we blew out our initial goal of helping 750 kids and we’re able to help 850. Thanks to you guys, we couldn't have done it without all of your support.

At SoCozy, we’re all about empowering children to learn, grow, and develop into confident individuals - especially during a time in their lives that should be free from worry and never held back by lack of resources. Giving back is our responsibility – that’s why we love working with Yoobi!

What could be more powerful than kids who feel empowered to be exactly who they are? We see it every time a kiddo ownstheir look & exudes confidence with the help of a SoCozy product. And yet, we understand the roots of confidence go much deeper than any hairstyle – that’s why we’re all about finding ways to empower and inspire kids. Whether that's helping to end the cycle of homelessness, providing children with school supplies - our commitment remains the same: to make a difference as often and as significantly as we can.

Congratulations to Yoobi on their amazing milestone and we hope you join us in helping Yoobi reach their goal of helping 5 million kids in 2017!