If you’re wondering who had the best school picture this year, look no further than 3-year-old Kaylieann Steinbach. Beyond being adorable, Kaylieann’s school picture taught those around her a great lesson in embracing exactly who you are.

And since a superhero always has a sidekick, she brought hers—Superman—along for the photo shoot. The result was otherworldly. Obviously.

You see, this is Kaylieann’s signature look – she wears a range of superhero costumes to school daily. Which is why when it was time to choose her outfit for picture day – her parents knew not to mess with perfection.

Let’s face it – our kids grow up in the blink of the eye. And while we’re fussing over the perfect picture day outfit and making sure every hair is in place, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that our kids are already perfectly awesome. So let’s throw the idea of perfection out the window on picture day and every day.

It’s like we always say - #BeYouItsCool! Let’s encourage our kids to let their personalities shine – because there’s no one better to be than yourself and what makes you cool is what makes you YOU.

One way the rest of us can help is with our #BeYouItsCool campaign. All month we’re celebrating kids being kids – embracing individuality and spreading kindness.

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