If you’re out of the loop – the LB Brand is an all-inclusive clothing and accessory line, pioneering a shift in expression for today’s generation – moms, kids, and dads. They’re all about empowerment and pushing boundaries. We love the message just as much as we love the LB Brand clothing & accessories!

Plus – we teamed up with the LB Brand to bring you Dylan’s Desk. If you haven’t seen it – what are you waiting for? We totally won’t judge if you binge watch all the episodes.

We chatted with LB Brand founder Jen Roberts about all things empowerment and her favorite SoCozy products:

Q: We love that the LB Brand is all about empowering moms & kids – can you go more in-depth about that vision? How do you stay true to that mission as your business and product line evolves?

Jen: For me I look at the act of EMPOWERING as a ripple effect. The best way to have an act turn into a domino effect is to do just that-- act, start with one thing and pass it on. More times than not when you empower someone to embrace themselves and hold a space for them to showcase it, it creates positive energy. The more you keep doing that the larger that energy becomes and grows- hence the LB brand!

Q: Tell us about your LB Brand must haves?

Jen: Hands down our  I AM MODERN MOTHERHOOD® round specs  for me. They are not only THE BEST "i'm so tired" cover up but they are so stylish and are bound to make another mom  stop and ask you about them which opens up the ability to connect. Secondly, Our kids collection, our  DEAR BIG ME® line! 

Q: What are your favorite SoCozy products to use on Dylan?

Jen: Personally, I LOVE your detangler and Mousse! Both things I use on my son on a regular basis. Concerning Dylan, he just loves SoCozy , period!


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