We’re used to smoothing over hair drama: tangles, frizzies, bedhead, knots? No problem. But, for the latest set of problems we tackled, we had to bring in some back-up.

Sensitive scalp and skin isn’t just a minor annoyance that parents have to deal with - it’s an actual medical condition caused by an imbalance in our skin. So, we brought in Dr. Dendy Engelman to double check our homework.

Dr. Engelman is a board-certified dermatologist right here in our backyard - NYC. Dr. Engelman’s extensive background and expertise in skin and scalp made her the perfect partner to support the launch of the New SoCozy Hush Collection. Plus – she’s a new mom. Talk about a perfect fit, right? 

Dr. Engelman is excited to finally find a collection of clean and safe formulas that work together to address the common concerns of moms.  “It’s so nice to finally have products out there that don’t undermine what I’m trying to treat,” said Dr. Engelman

Cozy and Dr. Dendy Engelman at our Hush launch at Cozy’s Cuts for Kids Salon.

“When my son was a baby he had Eczema and I thought ‘how could this happen, I’m a Dermatologist’, but it happens to everyone, no one is immune,” said Dr. Engelman. See moms – you’re not alone!

Plus, we should take the same extra special care of our adult skin as we do for our little ones. “Why are we only treating babies skin delicately, we should baby our adult skin too,” says Dr. Engelman. We couldn’t agree more – the Hush collection is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin & scalp.

PS – her favorite from the Hush line? Hush Sensitive Styling Foam: “This is GENIUS,” she says.

Shop the Hush Collection online at: Amazon.com and Ulta.com

Find Hush In-Store: http://bit.ly/2dAyABk