Did you know our skin is our bodies first line defense against infection? It’s our largest organ, and if weakened, it can let moisture out and allergens and irritants in.

Skin can be sensitive at any age, but our little ones are especially vulnerable. Their skin is 20-30% thinner than fully developed skin. It’s still taking its baby steps - making it especially delicate, fragile, and unequipped to deal with environmental irritants.

When skin gets itchy, red, and inflamed, it means it’s been annoyed by a skin trigger:

  • Soaps – too much soap and soap that’s too strong can strip skin of its protective layering
  • Perfumes – many fragrances can cause allergic reactions in skin
  • Laundry Detergents – harsh chemicals and fragrances in detergents remain in clothes after wash, potentially irritating sensitive skin
  • Food Allergies – because food allergies affect organs, this includes skin too
  • Hot Water – heat opens skin pores and allows moisture to escape
  • Dust – tiny particles contain all sorts of allergens including pollen, pet dander and mold
  • Sweat – moisture escapes through open glands, and the salt in sweat dries skin
  • Dry Weather – skin loses elasticity and dry, cracked skin allows irritants in
  • Clothing and Carpet Fibers – wool and mohair can scratch skin and synthetic fibers can cause irritation from trapping moisture and sweat

Keeping skin healthy is the best defense when up against those potential triggers, because the best defense is a good offense! Our new Hush line is made with safe, gentle, natural ingredients formulated specifically to soothe and protect sensitive skin and scalp. Plus, it has an a heavenly, allergen-free fragrance you’ll love - it'll remind you of that "new baby" smell you've always wanted to capture in a bottle. The more your littles use Hush, the healthier and stronger their skin becomes, leaving it less vulnerable to enviornmental factors. So say hello to your new sensitive skin go-to and goodbye to itchy, rashy, uncomfortable skin, it gives a whole new meaning to the word, Hush. 

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