#BeYouItsCool isn’t just our motto at SoCozy, it’s our mission. There’s no one way to look or be cool, and most importantly – no one else can be you, but YOU. That’s why we teamed up with author, Kate Parker, of Strong is The New Pretty, and founder of The LB Brand, Jen Roberts, to bring you our newest campaign #MomIsTheNewStrong. This Mother’s Day we want celebrate, because behind every awesome little human out there is their momma, and it’s time to give mom the shine she deserves.

Author and photographer Kate Parker is redefining what makes someone “pretty” with her book Strong is The New Pretty. Pretty isn’t defined by a certain pose, smile or the way you do your hair – it’s all about being yourself – whether that be silly, feisty, dirty, funny, climbing a tree, dancing, or doing karate. 

The inspiration for the book is this powerful idea that girls (and boys!) should be free to be anything they want and to find out who and what they are without any boundaries or limitations.

Jen Roberts, founder of The LB Brand, is on a mission to redefine motherhood. If you’re out of the loop –LB Brand is an all-inclusive clothing and accessory line, pioneering a shift in expression for today’s generation – moms, kids and dads. They transcend the boundaries of traditional roles and perceived appearances, while the brand is continuously being shaped and molded by their global community. Their LB Kids tagline is “WE are today’s modern kids, the game changers in our generation.” The goal is to impart on kids that they have the power to turn something small into something big.

Now enter – us. How could we not be huge fans of both of these messages, while we’re chanting, “Being YOU is our idea of cool.” Mom – that means you, too! We’re celebrating all the mommas out there during May – don’t be modest, it’s time to let the world know how awesome you are. Check out our #MomIsTheNewStrong series on social & tag your fellow strong moms, too!