When it comes to voting, every voice counts - even the little ones! We asked a few of our little SoCozy Ambassadors some election questions - here are there (hilarious) answers!

If you could pick ANYONE in the world to be President, who would you pick?

  • I think David Ortez should be president because he would hit a lot of home runs like he does in baseball. – Max, age 7.
  • Myself! – Emma, age 7.
  • My mommy should be president because she’s nice to everyone and gives me kisses. – Hannah, age 4.
  • Me. I would choose me. – Nikoh, age 5.
  • I would pick Blake Shelton for President and Gwen Stefani as his girlfriend. – Farrah, age 5.
  • My mommy! – Eden, age 7.
  • I would make myself president and I would keep the country safe and let everyone eat whatever they want for dinner every single night…like all the macaroni and cheese and pizza they wanted! – Lucy Grace, age 7.
  • Our neighbor, Ray! – Ava, age 8.
  • My little sister, Grace. – Luke, age 4.
  • John Cena for President! – Aliana, Age 6.
  • My friend Mason should be president. – Julie, age 4.

What do you think a President does? What is their job?

  • The president does exercise so they can eat lots of cake. – Maddyn, age 4.
  • The president sits there all day and tells people what to do. – Emma, age 7.
  • The President draws all day. – Allie, age 5.
  • The President is nice to everyone! – Hannah, age 4.
  • The President makes all the rules and people follow them. – Emily, age 7.
  • The President makes buildings for people to live in. – Emma, age 10.
  • The President does hard working things and helps everyone in the country. – Eden, Age 7.
  • The President makes laws or vetoes them. – Lily, Age 12.
  • He makes the laws  - Ava, age 8 and Luke, age 4.
  • The President’s job is to make good decisions and be nice to people. – Aliana, Age 6
  • The President allows people to drive places. – Julie, age 4.