Have you met Kaia and her curls? We know, we're obsessed, too. That's why we're so excited to announce Kaia as our NEWEST #SoCozyKid Ambassador! We’re sitting down with Kaia’s mom, Katie, to chat about all things curls and Kaia. 

hoto Courtesy of Katie + Kaia

Katie & Kaia — introduce yourselves to the SoCozy Universe!

Katie: A big hello to everyone from myself, Katie, and my amazing daughter Kaia! We are more than excited to be a part of the SoCozy family and represent our favorite line for Kaia’s curls, the incredible Boing line!

We are a tight-knit mother-daughter duo from Northern California. Kaia is an independent, silly, smart, and incredibly energetic and precocious 2-year-old (I tell people she is 2 going on 16!) Her beautiful blonde curls come from her mixed background: I am Irish, German and Italian, and her father is African American and Blackfoot Indian. She definitely got the best of both of her parents with her amazing blonde curls and beautiful blue eyes! And I have to admit I am definitely jealous of those curls of hers!

So, tell us all about Kaia’s curl journey so far.

Photos Courtesy of Katie + Kaia

Katie: In just her short two years of life, Kaia’s hair has changed so much! She was born with a full head of straight dark brown hair, which then turned strawberry blonde for about two months. Then, it seemed like it turned plantinum blonde overnight, which made her look bald in pictures -- except for one big curl at the top of her head.

From there it turned to a light brown with soft loose waves and big curls. I had thought at this point it was what her hair was ultimately going to be -- but again, it changed! Her hair got progressively lighter and those big loose curls got tighter and tighter. The curlier her hair got the more excited mommy got! So needless to say, her hair care has been ever changing. Though, I’m pretty sure the hair she has now is the hair she is going to have, as far as curl and texture.

Caring for curls can be a struggle, especially if you don’t have curly hair yourself. How has that been for you?

Katie: It’s been a little tough to find the right products that work with her tight curls and blonde hair. I’m a natural blonde and had to learn the dos and don’ts of taking care of blonde hair alone! Blonde hair has a tendency to be dry, very fine in the strands and extremely prone to damage, so when you add the curls that Kaia has --- it’s a whole different ball game!

Photo Courtesy of Katie + Kaia

What makes SoCozy perfect for Kaia’
s curls?

Katie: We have tried expensive brand name products on every end of the spectrum — high-end products that cost upwards of $50 or brands in the drug store brands for “mixed” or “ethnic hair”. Unfortunately, everything we tried turned out to be too heavy or greasy for her fine, blonde curls — or they aren’t geared toward children and don’t have the safe/non-toxic ingredients that I look for in products.

It wasn’t until we tried the SoCozy Boing Collection that we found a perfect match! From the Shampoo and Conditioner, to the Leave-In Conditioner and Gel-Cream, I can honestly say that I haven’t been more impressed by any other brand!

Before, I would maybe find a product here and there that worked okay with Kaia’s hair, but this is the first line where every single product has not only met, but exceeded my expectations!

We have never received so many compliments on Kaia’s hair as we have since we began using the SoCozy Boing line! I’m not over exaggerating when I say we can’t go anywhere without someone commenting on Kaia’s curls!

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