Summer time. The kids are out of school and everyone is enjoying a little time to cut loose. There are no rules: pajamas all day, breakfast for dinner, hair colored in every color of the rainbow. Yes, you read that right. Pink! Blue! Purple! Green! Bet you thought you wouldn’t have to worry about hair dying until the kids were in high school. And we bet you didn’t think coloring your kids’ hair would be YOUR idea either. But we’ve got a fun, easy way to add color that’s not permanent or damaging, but is a ton of fun!

Although, fair warning: this idea could earn you a reputation as the “cool parent” in the neighborhood.

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Here’s What You Need:
-Soft Chalk Pastels
-Cinch Detangler
-Cinch 3in1
-Flat Iron (optional)

Step 1: Prep the Hair
If your little one has dark hair you will need to wet the hair before chalking. We recommend spritzing the section of hair you want to chalk with Cinch Detangler. If you don’t have any Detangler on hand, a small spritz bottle of water will work. Wetting the hair before chalking will make the color pop on deeper strands.

If your little one has light-blonde hair DO NOT wet hair before chalking – this will cause locks to be stained by the chalk. It could take several washes to come out! For red hair, test out a small patch of hair – if color shows up on dry hair, you’re good to go. If it doesn’t, simply dampen hair with a little Cinch Detangler or water.

Step 2: Prep Work Area
Chalking may produce dust that can stain clothes and surrounding areas. We recommend having your child wear an old t-shirt and chalking outside so you have as little of a mess as possible to clean up.

Step 3: Chalk it Up
Twist hair and swipe chalk from top of shaft down to the ends. Twisting the he hair helps more pigment from the chalk to be deposited on hair. Avoid running chalk in an up and down motion as it will create frizz and knots.

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There are no rules – you can chalk as many sections of your hair as you’d like, big or small, chalk the tips of the hair or the entire strand. It’s totally up to you and completely customizable!

Step 4: Finishing Touches
If you wet your hair, wait for it to dry. You can speed up the process by using a blow dryer on low heat. Then, gently brush through hair to smooth out locks.

To “lock in” color you can finish by running a flat iron on low heat over locks.

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We love incorporating colored strands into braids or up-dos for a pop of color.

Step 5: Removal
When you’re done taking a walk on the wild side – simply wash color out using Cinch 3in1. Use Cinch Detangler for a burst of extra moisture.