Not to be outdone by his new baby sister, Britain’s Prince George showed up at the hospital sporting a dapper hairdo we call The Gentleman’s Part, which had everybody talking about this very charming prince. It seems that people just couldn’t believe that toddler hair can be tamed in such a refined way, but it doesn’t take a Royal Army or even a Royal Hairdresser to pull off this look. All you need are the right products and some smart instructions.

Follow these simple instructions and nab this look for your own little guy. We can’t guarantee that he’ll behave like a prince, but he’ll certainly look the part. (Pun intended.)


1.  Dampen is hair with Cinch Detangler + Leave-In Conditioner to make his hair easier to style and comb it back.

2.  Apply a dollop of Behave Styling Gel all around his hair. Be sure to work it through with your fingers to evenly distribute.

3.  Part hair on the side starting with the recession, or the deepest part of the hairline.

4.  Comb the top over and the sides down.

5.  The finished polished look is set!


Our safe, strong products keep flyaways at bay and cowlicks under control, so try The Gentleman’s Part on your little prince today!