If we were to ask a bunch of dads how to do their daughters’ hair, we can only start to imagine the hilarious results. Keeping her hair tangle-free and out of her face is only half the battle for the inexperienced. BUT that doesn’t mean that all those how-to’s and tips out there are just geared towards mom, I want to make sure that dad can do it too! So dads, it’s time to summon the courage to channel your inner hairdresser and shock your daughter. Here are some tips for your man hands on how to achieve your ‘daddy’s version’ of whatever look you decide…

1. Not sure where to even begin? Grab everything you think you need to achieve the look. Meaning, a brush or a comb (either will be fine, but a brush will most likely be easier for you), detangler (this will literally be your lifesaver), and lastly grab elastics. If you are feeling really confident grab some accessories so you can finish off the look.

2. The scramble? I know mornings can be mayhem, and trying to get her to sit down and stay still for 5 minutes may be impossible – so multitasking is key. Try doing her hair while she’s brushing her teeth. Get out a step stool for her to stand on while she’s at the sink, you’ll have a better positioning on her hair and she’s busy with a toothbrush which means less focus on you and what you’re doing.

3. Working with slightly damp hair is easiest. It makes hair less slippery and will help the style stay in place. Grab your new best friend, the detangler, give a couple spritzes, brush out her hair and get started.

4.Practice, practice, practice. It may sound silly, but if you go into the styling knowing how to do the simple things, everything will go much smoother. For example, elastics can be your worst nightmare, have someone show you how to use them.

5. You’re in luck – messy styles are in. No need to make the perfect braid or ponytail, leaving some pieces loose is completely on trend.

Co-Founder of SoCozy, Scott Gurfein’s morning “Daddy Style” on his daughter Skye.

Overall, don’t be afraid to make the attempt, daddy’s beauty parlor may be better than you think. Besides, we give an A for effort.


"Skye prefers I do her hair over her mother,

I don't like to brag, but are you surprised?" -Scott Gurfein