You think you’ve done it – you’ve finally found something to soothe your little one’s irritated scalp. Maybe it was a product that boasted about being “safe” for sensitive skin – or maybe it was an old wives tale you looked up on the internet…

So then why, a few days later, is their skin irritated again? Because you’ve only found a temporary solution for the problem – it’s stuck in the cycle of sensitivity.

Sounds complicated – and maybe a little scary – but once you understand what’s going on underneath the surface, you can start to solve the problem.

Let’s break it down.

Our skin is broken down into two main layers:

  • The epidermis which is the outer layer of skin that protects our bodies from the outside world. 

  • And the dermis, which is the inner layer of our skin. Its main function is to regulate our body’s temperature and blood supply.

Together, they form a brick wall. The bricks are our skin cells and the mortar holding them together is our skins natural oils – or lipids, if you want to get fancy. It forms our largest organ and first line of defense – think of it as a suit of armor.

When our little ones have skin and scalp sensitivity, it means their brick walls are weak. Why? Their skin is still taking its baby steps and not fully developed – it’s not ready to perform the same functions as adult skin.

It lacks the ability to properly maintain moisture. Meaning moisture is escaping through our weakened skin barrier while irritants and allergens are getting in. Skin can become red, dry, itchy, cracked, or tight because it's irritated by a skin trigger. 

To make matters worse - nothing you do seems to help. You’re using products that are designed for baby – they’re “gentle”, right? Wrong. Most products in the baby aisle only temporarily fix the problem causing the cycle to go on and on. 

So what can you do to soothe + heal an unhappy scalp? Go straight to the root of the problem and break the cycle.

The key is a tub time routine that not only treats, but prevents symptoms of sensitivity. Enter Hush.

Hush is formulated with a proprietary ingredient blend that not only helps nurture, treat, and protect, but improve and maintain the optimal environment for healthy hair and scalp.

Hush addresses the key contributors of scalp sensitivity, going beyond gentle to tackle the root of the problem, helping to:

  • Optimize pH levels
  • Restoring the skins moisture barrier
  • Normalizing sebum production.

Plus, unlike 92% of products in the baby aisle that contain at least one skin irritating ingredient, we formulated Hush with gentle, nourishing ingredients.

Hush is safe enough for everyday use – that means it’s a time out for fussy scalps.