Photo Credit : WWAY ABC

“It started out with helping my momma out so she can pay her bills and I can buy my own school supplies.”

These are the words of ten-year-old Tyran Bell from Wilmington, North Carolina, who started mowing lawns this summer in order to earn money to help with the cost of going back to school. His mother has missed work recently to help Tyran’s older brother recover from an accident and Tyran wanted a way to help his family.

This idea sparked a chain reaction of goodness as word spread about this amazing kid. Local businesses began collecting donations for school supplies and lawn care tools, setting Tyran up as both a budding businessman and a well-stocked student.

But it didn’t end there. With the overwhelming response from his community, Tyran (and his older brother) had more than enough for a new school year, so he’s sharing the excess with other families in need. After all, he knows all too well that going back to school is an overwhelming financial burden for too many families.

As his mom put it, “Tyran has always been the kind of person that want to give and do things for other people, so I think it’s a blessing because now that someone has been able to bless him, he’s able to bless somebody else.”

We tip our hat to Tyran and his community, and we invite you to get involved in our #GoBackGiveBig campaign, a partnership with Baby2Baby, to help families like Tyran’s. By liking, commenting or sharing our #GoBackGiveBig posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you’ll not only help us reach our goal of supplying over 525 school students with necessary supplies, but you’ll be helping to spread the word too.

So let’s make like Tyran and start a chain of goodness for the best back to school ever!