We’re celebrating Mousse March here at SoCozy, a celebration of one of our favorite styling tools. If you don’t already know and love our medium-hold styling mousse, here are five reasons it’s a must-have:


  1. Our featherweight foam is ideal for all hair types, even the fine, whispy tresses of a toddler, making it a friendly tool for the whole family. You get all the benefits of manageability without weighing hair down. (Plus, a little goes a long way!)
  2. Mousse enhances and holds natural curl for all-day bounce that doesn’t frizz. Rake a little through damp hair, then cup curls into your palm and scrunch. Allow hair to air dry. It’s that easy!
  3. Mousse adds texture to fine, flat, or otherwise limp straight hair. Work a little bit of mousse into damp hair around the crown and pair with warm air from the hair dryer to get texture, volume and all-day shine.
  4. Mousse gives control to all types of hair without being sticky or crunchy. You get styled hair that feels like…hair! It’s our favorite tool to enhance hair’s natural beauty.
  5. Mousse is our go-to for smoothing frizzies or flyaways on braids or ponytails. Add a dot to your palms, then smoothe over dry hair to put stray hairs in their place!


Oh, and one more thing—it smells amazing! Our Peachy-keen scent is seriously delicious, and although it’s non-toxic, we don’t recommend eating it.


There you have it. Join us in Mousse March and let us know what you think!


Available online or at a Target shelf near you.