If you’re thinking of bypassing the crowded costume rack at your local megastore and going for a homemade Halloween instead, we’ve got some easy peasy inspiration to get you started. Because despite what you might think, you don’t have to own a sewing machine or a hair salon to master a DIY Halloween. All you need is a good idea – and we’ve got you covered from head to toe with ten great ideas!

1. Superhero Babies

Whether you’ve got one super baby or three, this inspiration (with instructions) from The House That Lars Built is your new super power. 

2. Captain America

Who says Captain America can’t be a girl? Add felt details to a favorite dress (and to a handy garbage can lid) and she’s ready to save the world. Instructions by Primary.

3. Troll

Recreate your favorite childhood toy with a simple ballet leotard, an oversized gemstone, and some spray hair color. Idea courtesy of photographer Gina Lee and her daughter Willow.

4. Kitty Cat

This idea by Salon Solutions Australia couldn’t be simpler. Braid two strands of hair with a black pipe cleaner, then shape into cat ears and secure with bobby pins. Add a little nose and whiskers and – voila! – you’ve got a costume that’s the cat’s meow! 

5. Tropical Bird

This no-sew idea from Primary starts with a pair of PJs, which means your little one is already dressed for bed after trick-or-treating! Find instructions on creating feathered wings and plume here

6. Snow Princess

We love this look from Lady Art Looks. Pair pale face makeup with some simple hair chalking then sprinkle with fake snow for an icy look.  

7. Cotton Candy

Another pajama-based costume that couldn’t be sweeter. (Pun intended!) Designed by That Playhouse for Primary, the instructions include spray paint and spray glue (and probably sticky fingers). 

8. Sugar Skull

Tuck a few silk flowers into a braided tiara, then add simple face paint in a traditional design. Finally, top it off with a lacy shawl over a dress. Idea from Pinterest.

9. Turf With Creepy Crawlies

A fantastic idea from Martha Stewart that starts with simple spray hair color and is topped off with plastic creepy crawlies. So easy, it’s scary.

10. Rosie the Riveter

This iconic costume idea from Hairstyles by Gabby can probably be drummed up with items around the house – denim shirt, red bandana and bobby pins. Sweep hair up into bun with a front section formed into a large pin curl. Perfect last-minute idea!