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From our Founders: SoCozy & Social Responsibility

Our motto at SoCozy is, “Being you is our idea of cool.” At the heart of this is the discovery of self and self-expression. To us, there is nothing more beautiful and exciting than a child who feels empowered to be exactly who they are. We see it every day in kids who participate in styling their own hair, owning their own “look” and wearing the ear-to-ear grin of confidence. And yet we understand that the roots of confidence go much deeper than any hairstyle—they are planted in a secure base from which to learn and grow. Confidence is essential to success—in the classroom and in life—and we will always actively seek opportunities to empower children and inspire them to be themselves. Continue reading Note from our Founders.

SoCozy x Baby2Baby

We’re teaming up with Baby2Baby & Yoobi  to provide 765 kids with the back to school essentials.

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